curriculum vitae


Commission Work

2014 Mr Tako, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, donation box sculpture, Seattle, Washington

2008 Sweet Hello, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, permanent commission Seattle, Washington

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Islands, SeaTac Airport, April - August 2015

2015 Parlor, G. Gibson Gallery, April - June 2015

2012 Folly, G. Gibson Gallery

2012 Verdant, SOIL Gallery, July 2012

2011 Folly (Vizcaya), fountain installation, Aqua Art Miami, Florida, December 2011

2008 Floating Worlds, Aqua Art Miami, Miami, Florida, project space, December 2008

Oriental / Occidental, new ceramic work, SOIL Gallery, September 2008

2007 Waiting Ladies, Indie Collective Gallery, Culver City, Los Angeles, October 2007

Audience, JEMA (John Erickson Museum of Art), September 2007, Deitch Art Parade, New York City, JEMA is a location variable museum,

2006 Audience, JEMA (John Erickson Museum of Art), December 2006, Miami, Florida, the location variable museum traveled Art Basel and surrounding art fairs

Floating Worlds, Gallery4Culture, October 2006, Seattle, Washington

2005 New Edition Work, monoprints, sumi and watercolor, Richard Hugo House, Seattle, Washington, October 20 – November 30, 2005

Lamplight Lavish Gathering, Platform Gallery, Seattle, Washington, March 31 – May 7. 2005.

2003-2004 Peeks, excerpts from my book Street Peeks, 17 pages on 5' x 5' vinyl panels, Sound Transit's Beacon Hill Station site, Seattle Washington 

2002 Service, Esther Claypool Gallery window display, Seattle, Washington

Lava 2002, (room installation titled Service within group show) organized by Yuki Nakamura, Claude Zervas, and Jennifer West, Noodleworks, Seattle, Washington

2000 crowded craft, King County Arts Commission Gallery, Seattle, Washington


Henry Art Gallery, Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Safeco (Liberty) Art Collection, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, Asian Counseling and Referral Services, City of Seattle Portable Works Collection, Whatcom Museum (Bellingham), Western Gallery, Western Washington University (Bellingham), NW Museum of Arts and Culture (Spokane) and Museum of Art, Washington State University (Pullman) (cities outside of Seattle noted all are in Washington State)

Collaborative Projects

2014 MadCampus (MadArt Seattle and University of Washington) project, Hortus Curiosus, collaborative project with Maki Tamura, September - October

2011 ACT Theatre window project, with Nicholas Nyland and Maki Tamura, February 2011

2010 Henry Gift Store Project, Champagne Truffles, March – April 2010, with Jennifer Campbell, Nicholas Nyland, Maki Tamura and Ian Toms, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2006 Hardline Organics, a tale of absurd optimism, January 2006 and June 2006, SOIL Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington

1998 Not Quite the Eleventh Floor, King County Arts Commission Gallery, with Nora Mukaihata and Craig Miller  

Well Being and Other Disorders, a seven person collaborative installation, first at Ilk on Santa Fe in Denver, Colorado and another incarnation at SOIL in Seattle, Washington

Selected Group Shows

2015 - Out of Sight, A survey of contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest.  Curated by Kirsten Anderson, Sharon Arnold, Greg Lundgren and Sierra Stinson.  July 31 - August 2, 2015.

  Wrappings, The Alice Gallery, Seattle, Washington, March - May 2015

  JUGS, The Alice Gallery, Seattle, Washington September 10 - October 15, 2015

2014 - Sidestitched and In Between:  Soap Lake Through the Lens and More, Moses Lake Museum and Art Center, May 2 - June 13, 2014. 

2013 Japan’s Beckoning Cats – From Talisman To Pop Icon, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, Washington

   NIHON/WA Japanese Heritage, Washington Artists, White River Valley Museum, Auburn, Washington

2012 Two-person show with Gala Bent at G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, Washington, March 2012

  Museum of Northwest Art, Tulipiere show curated by Carol Guthro, La Conner, Washington, March 2012

  Prole Drift at Aqua Art Miami

2011 SOIL and Prole Drift Galleries at Aqua Art Miami, Miami Beach Florida

  Scattershot (SOIL collective), Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington

  Wild / Life, Museum of NW Art in La Conner, Washington, curated by Kathleen Moles

2010 Bellevue Arts Museum, Clay Throwdown, biennial

  Charm, two-person show with Maija Fiebig at G. Gibson Gallery

  SOIL in Residence, Seattle Design Center, March – June, Seattle, Washington

  Hedreen Gallery, Intellectual Property, curated by Yoko Ott and Matt Offenbacher, Seattle, Washington

2009 Fixed Chaos, Montserrate College of Art, Beverly, Massachusetts, October - January 2010

  Parallel Lines, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, curated by Tracey Fugami

2008   Pack of Fu, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, Washington, November 2008 – January 2009

    Heads (dis)Embodied, Kirkland Art Center, curated by Jim McDonald

2007-2008Gallery Homeland, Portland, Oregon, NW Thang (sic), group show.

2007 Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, How the Soy Sauce was Bottled,   Seattle, Washington, an installation called Doll Time explores the museum's connection to the Asian American community through their doll collection

2006 SOIL Gallery at Aqua Art, Miami Florida, curated by Jess Van Nostrand

Seven Days in March, Catherine Person Fine Art exhibition, Seattle, Washington 

2003 Innocence and Jest, a five-person ceramic show at the Seattle Center's NWCC Gallery, curated by John A. Taylor.  

2003 Fashion is Art, Thread for Art's four-part project: Bumbershoot Gala opening runway performance,  Bumbershoot exhibition, Fashion is Art publication and storefront display.  Fashion is a Butter Sprite, Butter Sprite Band Uniforms - project title.

2002 From the Ground Up, Toby Philpot's Grave, site installation, Duvall, Washington

Kustom Purse (curator Elizabeth Jameson) and Kustom Shoe (curator Kipling West), Kuhlman, Seattle, Washington 

Awards/Grant Projects

2013 Artist Trust Fellowship Award

2012 GAP Grant, Artist Trust, Museum of Northwest Art, new work for Tulipiere show

2010 Hauberg Fellowship for Pilchuck 

2008 4Culture Individual Project Grant for exhibit at SOIL Gallery, September 2008

2006 4Culture Special Projects Grant and Artist Trust Gap Grant, to produce work for Floating Worlds exhibition at Gallery 4Culture

Gallery4Culture show in October 2006

2004 City Artist, Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, City Artist Program, City of Seattle - to produce work for Platform Gallery show in 2005

2003 Street Peeks, North Beacon Hill Walking Tour, a book, King County Special Project Grant.  This is a design book documenting the architecture and gardens of the diverse community of Beacon Hill, Seattle.  June 2003, available for checkout at the King County and Seattle Public Libraries.

New Work by Saya Moriyasu, presented at the Seattle Center's NWCC Gallery, Artist Trust GAP grant award recipient.  The production, presentation and documentation of new work for the group show Innocence and Jest.  

1993 Skowhegan Fellowship


MadArt, MadCampus related articles click here

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Fixed Chaos, Shana Dumont, catalog for exhibition, Montserrate College of Art, 2010.

Deitch Art Parade, publication included Audience, Jema exhibition 2007.

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You are what you buy: A bright take on consumerism, Judy Wagonfeld, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 29, 2005, page 22.

Saya Moriyasu, Platform Gallery Exhibition, Etsuko Ichikawa,, April 2005 (on-line and in print)

Lava 2002, Essays by Rhonda Howard, Design by Rebecca Richards, Artist Entry by Anna Fahey, in conjunction with Lava exhibition organized by Yuki Nakamura, Jennifer West and Claude Zervas.

Related Experiences

Henry Art Gallery: Make your own story, panel discussion of local art collectives, panelist for SOIL Gallery

University of Washington, speaker for art class, October 2008

Washington State Arts Commission, grant coordinator, 2006-2008

SOIL member, grant writing, auction chair

Aqua Art Fair, Production Associate, 2007-present

Education and Residencies

2010 Hauberg Fellowship / Residency, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, Washington

2009 Pratt/Pilchuck scholarship to take Maria Porges and Stephen Paul Day’s class at Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, Washington

2001 Centrum's Creative Residencies, Port Townsend, Washington, Poncho stipend

1993 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, Maine, faculty included Ann Hamilton, Kiki Smith, Alison Saar, and David Ireland, Fellowship Award 

1991 Bachelor of Fine Art, Ceramic Sculpture, University of Washington, faculty included Akio Takamori and Patti Warashina and Bachelor of Art, General Art, University of Washington